Nelli is Moss’ sister and also from Rubbercity Gun Dogs in Ohio.  She is part of the pairing with Deke from Triple Flush KennelsNelli is a complete bird beast and loves to hunt.  She is always on the move and always looking for birds! She watches the chicken and pigeon coops and is always trying to stir up some action. 

Nelli has the “IT” factor and is a joy to watch in the field. She is a good learner and watches the older dogs to understand exactly what to do! One of my favorite sights this season was watching Dipa back Finch and Nelli back Dipa... it was a trifecta! Nelli is a tiny ball of fire and we hope to include her in our breeding program in the future.  Nelli will also be testing in NAVHDA’s NA test with her brother in April.
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