Welcome to TUK!


We are Jeff and Niki Dempsey, the founders and proud parents of the pup crew who make us who we are. 

Our love for German Shorthaired Pointers brought us together and allowed us to build on our passion for breeding and training these special pups! GSPs are one-of-a-kind, and we want to spread our love for them with you.

As with most hunting or working dogs, the season is short but cherished. We make it a point to work year-long with our crew to maximize their training in the field….but know that it is so essential they are also our companions. Obedience is a critical factor in the training of this breed and pays off in the field. An obedient dog is an enjoyable dog! 

All of our dogs are registered with both the AKC and NAVHDA. We are active members of NAVHDA and participate in many member activities. We take advantage of their training days with all of our pups and find that the more you know, the more you grow and love having the tips and tricks from the other members.  

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