Allow us to answer your questions...
Regardless of sex, each puppy is $1,250.
Yes, we ask for a deposit of $250 to hold your pup and the remaining of the balance will be due upon pickup.
We release our pups from their mother the Saturday after they turn 8-weeks old (our current litter will be available to take home on May 28, 2022.
First come, first serve. When you have provided a signed contract and your deposit, will be given picking order for desired sex.
Puppy pick happens week 6. This can be done in person, through ZOOM video conference or phone call.

At 1 week we will mark all puppies with colored collars to help track. This will help you follow the ones you are looking at before you pick.
Bio sensor training will be done on days 3-16. This will stimulate the dog and help with digestion, stability, and immune system.

Trim puppy nails starting week 1

Socialization when eyes and ears opens, different sounds, sound effects, being handled by people.

Introduce them outside in a gated pen to experience outside smells and feeling.

Water introduction. This will take place in a small kid pool (when weather allows), and bath time.

Bird introduction. We will have bird wings, and live birds for them to see and smell.

Week 7 we will start crate training puppies to get them used to spending 2 hours in the crate throughout the day

Potty training will start around week 6, when we start letting them go outside until they go home.
We have found more pros than cons from the information we have gathered throughout the years. We feel with having the dew claws intact that the dog will benefit with stability and traction for most of their everyday movements like running, swimming, and digging. When a dogs run, their front feet often bend to the point where their dewclaws come in contact with the ground. At high speeds (especially when turning) or on slippery surfaces, these dewclaws provide the extra traction and help stabilize the carpel joint.
Yes. Check out the "Official Dog Papers" in the footer of our website...tailsupkennels.com.
Yes, but it will be up to the new owner whether they want to register that microchip number with the AKC data base for $19.50. The microchip will still be active even if not registered.
No, we have a no shipping policy. We want to meet the new owners in person as we feel this is a great way to stay close with families as the pups grow up.
We dock tails at around 50%. The slightly higher percentage gives a nice styled point.